Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When The Cats Away The Mice Will Play :)

David is at school tonight, along with many other nights of the week, so I have decided to tackle a few more projects I have had on my brain lately. First is the laundry room. When I was showing a client a house (yes, I'm a Realtor, anyone wanna buy a house? call me!) I saw the most adorable laundry room. I have been wanting to replicate said laundry room, but it was so unique I am afraid I will just have to use the idea and put my own twist on it. Here is the laundry room before...yuk...who wants to look at all of that?!

So, I decided to make a neat curtain to cover all the junk. But how?! I don't have a sewing machine and don't want to spend the big bucks for a curtain. So... I bought some fabric and some handy dandy "no sew" fabric tape. Its very simple to use and is applied with an iron. You simply make your hem, place the tape and hold the iron on it for about 3 seconds. These are the items you will need:
Measuring Tape, Scissors, Iron and Ironing board, "No Sew" Fabric Tape and about 3 yards of fabric.
Then you just start folding and ironing!
Then, I put the two sides of the curtain on a simple shower rod and stretched it over the area I wanted to cover and Viola!!

The seams look great, too! They look just like they have been sewn! This will only work on light to semi-heavy fabrics.
Total Cost for this project: $15.47

The picture in this room is actually an old stained glass window from Good Ole' First Baptist Woodbury- the church I grew up in. I had it framed in old barn wood and assembled some pictures on it with tape.

Now, you know there are more hours in the evening than that!! SO..... I accomplished another neat project I have been wanting to do. You know those buttons that come with jackets, sweaters, pants, etc? And you know how you are always like.." what in the heck do I do with these?!" Well, I have your solution!

An heirloom button picture! Okay, I just made up that name. What I did was take an old frame and cover the cardboard piece inside with the same fabric from the curtains. Then, I arranged the buttons in the desired pattern and one by one pulled them up and super glued them on. My fingers are still kinda sticking to the keyboard and I don't have any skin on the tip of my index finger, but the heirloom turned out great!! Yay. (Beware of super glue and its maddening effects.)

NOW, lets just hope my jackets, pants, etc don't lose a button or this heirloom is gonna get holey!

Last but certainly not least... I have been searching for some more white pillows to add to the living room couches and I finally found the perfect ones! I would have NEVER picked them out, but I saw them and considered them with an open mind and after much consideration I figured that they would be the perfect texture addition. They are furry! Yes, furry! When I first saw them I imagined them being in some little girls room thats decorated with leopard prints and Justin Beiber posters, but once I pushed this image out of my mind, I really liked them. (Plus, I sorta have Beiber Fever anyways and " I will never say never" when it comes to a good decorating buy") So... here are the pillows....drum roll.......
Last night I rested my little head on this bad boy and  Ew La La, it felt so good!

So.. until next time,  Happy Wednesday!


  1. It looks great, Anna! I know you too well when I know what coat some of your buttons belong to! Love the idea!

  2. Great job Anna! love that heirloom button picture! :)

  3. Where do you learn all these decorating ideas, they are adorable.... I'm also from your home tow, check out our blog.... You have a beautiful home.