Sunday, March 27, 2011

Country Chic

It was another Sunday afternoon at the "Antique Mall". Its become a family tradition for me, Mom and Emily ( and sometimes others ) to visit the local antique mall after Sunday lunch to hunt for some cool antique pieces. This week I found a really cool old green window for five bucks!
Hung vertically at the bottom of the stairs.
Im not sure this where I am going to leave it. I would actually like to get a cute vinyl decal that says "Rowland" or "Welcome" or something like that. We will see! :)

I also made a cute little bow out of some of the toile fabric and hung the moss wreath with it on the front door. (It was hanging awkwardly high with the hook it had attached on the back)

I was showing a house to client and saw the cutest idea. The girl had taken multiple old country looking quilts and folded them at the end of her bed. It looked adorable in here room. Im not convinced that it looks great in mine, but I am willing to leave it for a day or two before I make up my mind. Country Chic? Let me know what you think!


  1. I'm thinking I need to tag along in this Sunday afternoon antique mall extravaganza! :) great find!

  2. I decided against the quilts at the end of the bed... it was just too much for me...