Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's time!

That's right. It's time for the big race! I can hardly believe it is already here. I am anxious and excited.... nervous and happy. This has been a fun last couple of months training for this half-marathon. I jumped on the band wagon a little bit late and got a late start on training but I feel pretty prepared. I could definitely benefit from another week or two of training... if I could just run that 13.1 another time or two I'd feel a little better about the race, BUT..... either way... it's time! The weather is supposed to be perfect, 60s and sunny. I'm going to meet Team Libby and Libby herself Friday night at the expo and possibly dinner afterward. Meeting the reason behind this mayhem of training will bring this whole race into focus. We have raised a lot of money for Libby Ryder and her sweet family. She says on her BLOG  how much we have inspired her by doing this race, but little does she know that she has inspired me more than she will ever know! Thanks, Libby! And Good luck to all the ladies and gents running the big 13.1 on Saturday! :)

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