Monday, August 29, 2011

How Hurricane Irene Ruined My Life.

Boston was incredible. In fact, I would even venture to say that it was in my "Top Five" of my favorite cities. There was literally nothing about Boston I didn't love. It was SO picturesque. Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look- a beautiful building, alley, shop, landscape or statue. The history of Boston is what is the most amazing. Hearing all the stories about Paul Revere's midnight ride, Battle at Bunker Hill, Boston Massacre, etc made me sorta feel like I stepped back in time. (Now I am starting to sound like a pamphlet writer for the city of Boston.) Anyways, on with the trip.

The first day we did our patented "let's walk around and see what's going on in Boston." We do this in every city we visit. Thinking "Oh, we will just walk around for an hour or so..." turns into a 15 mile, all day walking adventure.(Blisters included.) You'd think that eventually you would run out of things to walk around and look at or you would run into a scarey alley and think, "oh, I better head back." BUT NO- It was beautiful- EVERYWHERE.
Dreamy. I want to live on Newburry Street. First there would be a street like this with awesome houses. Then, there would be a street that looks just like this, but the houses were full of boutiques, parlors and restaurants. Perfect.

We even stumbled upon a restaurant you may have 
 heard of...

Here is the beautiful Boston Common. This land was purchased in 1634 soon after the beginning of Boston. It was set aside for a common area.

Then we stumbled onto the subway and went over to Cambridge to visit MIT and Harvard. Harvard was pretty dreamy too. I felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie with Paul Revere.

We made sure to take a famous "Duck Tour."(Duck lips/duck whistle included- oh, yeah.) I highly recommend doing this if you visit Boston. It was very informative and fun! I even kept the Duck Whistle to annoy David with when he acts up. Bahaha.

Then we did as tourists do and we hit up all the super touristy places like Quincy Market, The Freedom Trail, Historic North End, Chinatown, Little Italy, Charlestown (It's not near as scary as Ben Affleck portrayed it.), Shear Madness, Bunker Hill Monument, USS Constitution and plenty of Seafood Restaurants and Italian Restaurants. Our hotel was perfect being conveniently located to everything!

Now, here comes the real heart of the story. This really is a love story. A beautiful love affair between me and Boston. I love it. I said over and over how much I loved it and wanted to stay forever/move there. Then, here comes some bratty old woman named Irene trying to break up my love affair. Irene comes in- completely unwanted and uninvited. She gets all flights leaving Boston cancelled and she forces us to rent a car and DRIVE home before our scheduled time to depart. (Yeah, you heard From Massachusetts. 19 hours. Luckily, David is a true big rig driver at heart and he drove all 19 hours without even wanting a break other than meals and gas- as I sat there sobbing because of what I have left behind: Boston and it's movie- like lifestyles and excitement. Bummer. Hurricane Irene...ugh.

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  1. Sounds fun! All except the 19 hour drive. I can't imagine having to be in the car for 19 hours!!! Get it in while you can... When you have kids, you won't be able to make a 3-4 hour drive. Haha.