Monday, October 31, 2011

At The Stars

A sweet little "Trick or Treater" actually came to my door a few minutes ago while I was forced with a huge moral dilemma. Here I am...... in high top fuzzy socks, leggins and my hair on top of my head, dancing around to "At the Stars" (Better than Ezra) and singing quite loudly when some sweet innocent child comes to my door begging for candy. Immediately I think..."I wonder if they know I'm home?!" ...of course they know I'm home....any passer-by on the street could glance in the general direction and tell/hear that I am home..Then, I thought, "I don't have ANY candy... or ANYTHING to give them...crap.." After a quick pause I dart to the kitchen and come up with an ice cream sandwich, pack of eat-a-snacks and some raisins. Yum. I definitely want to give all of that away so next year when the kiddos are walking by they will be like "Hey, Man... we gotta go there... that's where that super cool lady lives that gives out the super awesome raisins and eat-a-snacks..." Right... something like that. So, I dart to the bedroom looking for some kind of nick-nack. Toothbrush?! Bag of cotton balls?! Hand sanitizer?! Geeze, Anna... this is bad. Forced to the front door in embarrassment, I open it bearing gifts of ice cream sandwiches and eat-a-snacks. Right about that time the cute little Dora the Explorer and Buzz Lightyear are exiting the driveway with long faces and sad sighs.

Lesson candy.

Anyways, moving right along.. I found this sign on Sunday at the Old Feed Store and just couldn't get my little hands on it quick enough!

Even though there may not be any "Trick-or-Treaters" popping their heads in here, there are some amazing people who step into this house and the footprints they leave are forever. Some are old friends.

And some are new, sweet blessings that fill us with excitement for the years to come.

Either way, this house is loved on. I'm so thankful for the people who enter each and every day. And, next year I WILL buy some candy... if nothing else, to avoid the moral dilemma/freakout I suffered tonight.

Happy Halloween, everyone. I hope you got enough candy to rot your teeth out.

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