Friday, October 21, 2011

Living La Vida Loca.

Yikes. The past month has truly been a whirlwind. There have been times when I have had to stop and breath, reminding myself that this busy time in my life is a blessing. :) Needless to say, I have been so busy I have neglected a few sectors of my life, one of which is my blog. This post is an effort to catch everyone up to speed on a fun project, a fun trip and lot of good laughs. Enjoy . :)

Tennessee weather can be really confusing to a commoner. Some days I wake up and think that its a beautiful fall day and others I wake up and think Santa Claus should be coming any day now. Luckily, we had some beautiful fall weather a couple of Sundays ago- perfect for a walk on the greenway. Along the way I ran across some hedgeapples- pretty common in this area, but still fun and exciting. I gathered up a batch of them and made a cute fall centerpiece.

Next on the update agenda is a FUN trip to New York City with some amazing ladies! Last weekend me, my mom, my sister Emily, my friend Whitney and her mom Linda went to New York City. It was a busy trip packed with lots of fun, lots of food and not much sleep.

We got up early, flew into La Guardia and finally made it to our Time Square hotel just in time for a beautiful early morning view of the city. Mmmmmm...
We literally shopped til we dropped. I think we went in H &M at least 6 times... It's all because of this one:

Our little travel agent, Whitney. Luckily, her travel agent skills thought ahead and made us a reservation for some amazing frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity.

One of my personal favorite events was the Top of the Rock. It was so beautiful and amazing to see the city at such heights. All those little falafel carts looked even more yummy from up here...

We wanted to make sure everyone knew we were tourists so we were sure to carry our cameras everywhere and make comments like "Look, I think that's < insert any celebrity's name here>"

We even went to Statue of Liberty.
There's more than one photo with this pose....

So, the lady comes around and is like "does anyone have a question they want to ask Martha?" And I look at Whitney and say (in a demanding/excited voice) "Think of something!!!" Whitney thinks of a really great question, so I raise my hand and tell the lady. Later, she ends up picking four people to ask Martha a question and I got picked!! The lady comes over and says, " Instead of asking your question, would you mind asking someone else's question?".....I'm thinking.... um.... ok....Whitney's question was awesome, but I just wanna be on Tv, so...."OKAY SURE!!!" Anyways....they didn't even air it after all my practicing to Whitney during the show... Shucks. My 15 seconds of fame...down the drain.... Whatever, Martha.

All in all, it was an awesome trip! And now for a few weekend quotes.

"That outfit would really look better if you had on a Dickie with it."
"I want a falafel."
"Is that Bethany??!"
" Is that <insert any name from the real housewives of NY>"
"I want a falafel"

The best part of the past few weeks is this little bundle of joy! Baby Liv! This is the first baby in our family since me! She is so beautiful and so sweet. Congratulations to Jennifer and Erle! I can't wait to watch her grow and change :) She's perfect.

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