Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leap?!? Really?!

I put alot of thought into my "One Word" post. I pondered, considered and looked into the depths of who I truly was in an effort to pick the best word that would propel and challenge me in the upcoming year. I never imagined that I would be following my "One Word" Resolution as quickly as I have. I mean, it's fun to write about our resolutions, think about them and act like we are going to follow through with them, right? But when opportunity comes knocking at our doors and the fear of the unknown comes creeping into the backs of our minds, it's so easy just to say, "Nah." We all create these dreams and ambitions for ourselves that we will achieve "someday." When "someday" rolls around we are unprepared and unwilling to take that leap of faith and follow our hearts and guts to elevate us to a new plane in life... to take us to the unknown and to enjoy every minute of it.

This week I found myself complaining, praying, whining and even crying about a situation in my life. I needed to follow my gut and take that "leap". It's easy to say, "Yeah _____ is what I need to do." When it's time to do _______ the game gets tougher, the rules are changed and that commitment to make the change quickly fades into the darkness of regret. Luckily, God doesn't always have the same plans as we do, but trust me, His are so much better. When we are not ready to take that "leap" off the side of the ledge, He is there to give us a push. I found myself saying "Leap?!? Really?!?"

Sometimes it comes in ugly packages with frayed and crushed bows. Sometimes there are even holes in the packages and the protective bubble-wrap has a few bubbles popped. But, the package inside is left unharmed and is perfect in it's own timing and own way.

Leap. Throw your hands up in surrender and jump in head first.

Leap, my friends, and fear not.

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