Sunday, April 8, 2012

Give More.

We have all been in situations in life when it's so much easier to give less. Less time at the gym. Less time visiting with friends. Less time reading or learning. Less time studying. Less time working on a project, business or hobby. Less effort. Less care.

Trust me, friends, less is not always more. (Maybe in some cases like felonies, diseases and speeding tickets, but certainly not most situations.)

This week, let's give more. Care MORE about those around you. Work harder. Be nicer. Give MORE effort, MORE smiles, MORE jokes, MORE giggles. When someone asks you for a favor.. do it.. and with a smile on your face. Help. Do good. Be the best you that you can be and don't settle for any less.

**I wanna give another shout-out to "Your Home Enhanced" in Berry Hill, Nashville. It's the cutest shop ever. Check out their facebook page HERE. I got the cute double vases in the basket in the picture above and I love it so much. What I really love is going in and enjoying the sweet conversation with the owner. Treat yourself, folks...check it out. ;)

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