Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baby H

Me: Hey, Can I blog about your baby?
Emily: If its nice.

Well, well, well.. it seems as if someone has put something in the water around here. Everytime I talk to an old friend or log onto Facebook it seems like someone is announcing their prenancy or birth of their baby. Naturally, when I found out my own my sister was pregnant, I was excited! But... I don't think it really hit me until last week. I was on my way home Sunday night and was anticipating what the results of this weeks ultrasound would show: Boy or Girl?? When I started to think about this little creature calling me Aunt Anna and coming over to my house to play and hang out... it kinda hit me. Whoa. This is real. There's a real baby coming. I feel like this is the closest thing you can have to a baby without having one yourself. Then... I got REALLY excited. Our little Thanksgiving baby is growing and healthy and is a BOY!!!

We could use some extra testosterone in this family of mostly girls. I just pray this baby is head strong and able to put up with the loud, high drama group of women he's about to be born into. (That's right, I said it, Mom/Deb/Jen/Emily. You know it's true.)

Congrats to my sister and brother in law, Chuck!! Excitment doesn't begin to scratch the surface. :)
Baby Bean.