Sunday, August 19, 2012

There's a feeling in the air.

Today was a much needed lazy Sunday.

These past few weeks have been overkill. This weekend has really been a breath of fresh air full of relaxation. I know just the therapy I needed.

Visits to the farmers market for fresh local bread, watermelon salsa, blackberry jam and assorted veggies.

Dusk bike ride through the park with a little "Better Than Ezra Radio" on Pandora.

Reclaiming some style around my house.

John Mayer workouts.

Trashy Tv and Girly Movies.

All of these together equal perfection.

This little man loves to lounge on the table runner in the breakfast room.

For all of you who thought my "White" obsession would fade... Think again, friends.

My newest obsession: "This Time of Year" by Better Than Ezra. Such a perfect fall song...

"Theres a feeling in the air, like a Friday afternoon.. feeling right this time of year...theres a football in the air, across the leaf blown field, there's your first car on the road, and the girl you steal... theres a feeling that theres something else, feels like its always understood this time of year.."


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