Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Multi-Purpose?? Maybe? Kinda?

I am the queen of rigging up some piece of furniture to function in a way that it was never really meant to function. For years I have loathed the stand that the TV sits on. It was a brown wood with some black glass and was truly meant for a TV. But from the original date of purchase I would stare at it instead of watching the TV.. just thinking in my head how hideous it looked and how it didn't match anything. <--- (wow, that didn't make me sound like a psycho or anything)

I have been browsing for a while now and finally stumbled upon a few I liked.
1. A large multi-colored shabby chic buffet from Ashley furniture for $799. This was pretty awesome.
2. A black buffet I found at Simply Southern on the Square in Murfreesboro: $300. (Pretty cute, but not sold on it.)

So, as I was in Simply Southern and talking with the owner about what I was looking for, she suggested that I check out a new store off the square on Vine Street called "Simply Vintage".

This was an excellent recommendation.

If my home had a stomach... it would throw up and the contents would be "Simply Vintage."
I simply loved this store. It has all kinds of vintage furniture, repurposed furniture, and soooo much more. And everything was priced very reasonably.

So, when I saw this little gem for $175, I simply could not pass it up.

Now, this is just step one. I plan on turning the top drawer into a shelf for the electronics, so ignore the ghetto placement of them currently.

All in all, I am tickled pink over this purchase.


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