Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Funday//Randomness

It's a gloomy day in Middle Tennessee. It is just a little bit rainy and a little bit chilly. More importantly, it's just a little bit Monday and I'm a little bit lazy as I transition into the work week. What's new, right?

Vertie didn't even want to get up this morning. Yes, that is little Vertie under the sheets, praying that the sun goes back down.

Work has slowed down just enough to breath for a few days so I have been trying my best to catch up on some things like running, housework and a little bit of fun. Housework always turns into re-arranging and even more randomness in my home. I.e. This centerpiece for the dining room table.

I like this centerpiece for a few reasons:
1. It is just the perfect height for this area. Something too small makes the room feel small. It is not a large room anyways, but it does have high ceilings. Bringing it down by putting something small on the table just makes the room feel smaller. By bringing in something that brings your eyes upward, it pulls your eyes to the high ceilings and makes you feel the tall openness of the room.
2. It has sticks in it. Duh.
3. I was able to incorporate some succulents and the fun "Love" barn-wood piece I bought.
4. It actually has something kitchen related in it.... Salt and Pepper shakers.

But most importantly, this centerpiece really works because the metal fan is really heavy and acts as a paperweight so when the cats try to pull the table runner down by their hands and feet it stays put. Winning.

One last thing to brighten up this gloomy Monday. Madden Einstein Haynes, my adorable nephew.

Happy Monday, Friends!!

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