Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Deeply Rooted.

When I find something exciting, I always want to share it with you fabulous friends.
It has been so exciting to follow Whitney Newby's blog- Elm Street Life. I met Whitney's husband, Shawn, through an old job. Shawn's positive spirit was infectious and we all looked forward to his visits to hear about what he and Whitney were up to! Shawn shared Whitney's blog with me and I have been hooked every since- her style, passion and sweet spirit is just so fun to be a part of in a small way by supporting her blog. Whitney always posts cool stuff and today I read her post about a magazine she contributed to- Deeply Rooted.

This magazine is like Anthropologie meets the Bible. I can not wait until my first copy is shipped next week! Although it's a little more pricey than a regular magazine you get at the store,  it is over 150 pages and based on what I have read, it is more like a book than a magazine. Plus, they have an awesome mission statement that you can't help but support.

Check it out, friends.

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