Monday, February 23, 2015

Gorgefest 2015.

**This post is for you, Spence ;)

As all of you Tennesseeans know, we were hit with some pretty nasty ice and snow last week.
I thought for sure that "Panic" Lisa  Patton was being her normal over-zealous self when she called it "Snowagedon 2015", but she proved us all wrong Monday morning as the icy snow started to ping onto the bedroom window bright and early.

This obnoxious ice rain continued on the entire week with threats of it coming back this week.
Many Tweeters called it "Snowagedon" or "Snowfest", but I prefer to call it Gorgefest 2015.

This forced week of snowed in days really cramped my new years resolutions, as I am sure it did many others, to stay in shape, get in better shape or lose weight. Not only were the roads rough, but the gym was even closed most days. So, what better thing to do when you are stuck in the house for days on end? Eat you body weight in completely unnutricious greasy food, duh.

We started out Gorgefest 2015 with a double omelet biscuit from Hardees, (Pretty sure it weighed a good 2 pounds) Other luxurious eats include Chilis, SirPizza, Dominos, Dairy Queen, Pita Pit, dirty mexican and much more. Now, I am not much on chain restaurants, but when everything else is closed and your # 1 goal is to eat until you puke, I instantly become a fan.

Once Gorgefest has started, there is no slacking off or giving in to healthy eats. Instead, you must succumb to the greasiest, nastiest thing on the menu like cheese fries, fried cheese curds, double bacon burger and cast iron brownie. Don't even think about sneaking in a salad or some hummus and carrots for a snack. No, my friend, you will be shunned forever. Instead, embrace it and order a big side of battered and deep fried hotdogs.

There is one more rule I failed to mention that is very critical when participating in Gorgefest 2015.

No makeup and you must wear Yoga pants. (Take that, Montana.)

Thankfully, Gorgest was only one week long and is now over. To hit the new week of right, I even went to an early morning gym visit and had plain eggs for breakfast. We will get back on track, one meal at a time.

It's been real, Gorgefest. Seeya next year.

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