Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I may or may not have been jogging on the treadmill (that's right, mama is back on the train) and saw a segment about the best mobile apps for life improvement. Some of them were nonsense and some of them I already use (i.e. Mint and MyFitnessPal <-- both but there was another that struck my attention called "Headspace."

Headspace is a meditation app.  I know, super hippy of me, right? But, it is alot of fun and a really nice (and free) way to force yourself to do a little bit of light meditation once a day, for ten minutes. Meditation has proven to make you feel better, sleep better, worry less, stress less and so much more. We could all use some of that in our lives.

It's really easy, you can just download the app or you can do it on your computer. It takes ten minutes and Andy, the guy speaking,  has the most precious voice. (I can't even.) And the good news is that it doesn't even make you want to fall asleep. I know, right?! The meditation exercise is very light- Andy simply asks you to breath and think mostly. He doesn't get into anything too deep,  so its perfect for a beginner or skeptic.

Check it out!

Their website has a lot of helpful information about the science behind it also.  <Click here to see that. >

And now I must reference my favorite meditator of all time, Rafiki. <Also known as "blue butt.">

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