Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Not-So-Holy House

When we first bought the cute little white house on North Church Street, I dubbed it "the Holy House" because it's on "Church" Street. I'm punny like that. As you all know, this house project has drug on much longer than expected because of other circumstances and we have had to do a TON more work than expected also. As gut wrenching as it was for a few months in the beginning, the ending was even worse.

Sparing you all of the details of the last few months of this transaction, I have clearly decided this house can no longer, in good conscience, be called "The Holy House." In fact, I think it is much safer to say its the "Not-So-Holy House." <I would call it the house from Hell, but this a family blog. Wait. Who am I kidding?>

Closing on this house on Friday was literally the sweetest and happiest moment I have felt since working in this industry. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Regardless of the emotions and stresses that went along with this house, it turned out beautiful.

So, eat your heart out-- here are the final pictures:

<Side note- we really wanted to redo the driveway, but the buyers wanted to do it themselves. Therefore, skanky driveway remains>
This is the living room, looking into the dining room. Its an awkward room to get a picture of, so....
This room is my jam. This wall is the original shiplap wall from when the house was built in 1942. We peeled off four layers of fancy (not) wall paper to restore this ship lap and get it back into good condition. When it was painted, it really started to show the cracks and holes and that just made it so much cooler.  I love this wall.
Here is the kitchen.  <These are the buyers appliances> All white, all day, everyday. Subway tile, white cabinets.. Yum.
I love this room also.  This room was previously a bedroom, but we reconfigured the framing and made it into a laundry room/mud room and expanded the adjacent bedroom. This is another shiplap wall from the original structure.  
Can I just give a little shoutout to my handy husband for building this (and a crap-ton of other stuff in this house) ? This is a storage bench right as you come in the back door. I LOVE this little thing.
Lets go upstairs. You will see another shiplap half wall to the left. We put in all new stairs and refinished them to match all of the other flooring. 
And now, its the moment we have all been waiting for... the master suite.  I LOVE this part. This room is obnoxiously large and the closet...swoon. I love this bathroom so much. <Picture is a little dark>
And how could I forget the downstairs bathroom? I love this one too.
I didnt picture the two downstairs bedrooms because, let's get real, theres just not much to see in two empty, thats fun. So, use your imagination.

And that's it folks. Thats a wrap. 

This house has been a big part of our lives for so long. So many days, nights, weekends...
We started our Escape Experience business while working on this house..
We started building our own home while working on this house...
We saw tragedy, heartache and some crazy medical experiences...
We watched our neighbor go to assisted living..
We watched countless other homes get remodeled in this neighborhood..

Even through the detours , it brought us great joy.
Even though I secretly wished and begged it would burn down in the middle of the night, as I waxed the floors one last night before closing, I prayed for the young couple that would soon be bringing a newborn baby to grow up in this house. I prayed that they see so many happy days and years in this home. 

Oh, if these walls could talk.


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