Wednesday, October 12, 2016


After our time in Capri we took the ferry back over to Naples and then the Eurotrain over to Florence.
Florence was an interesting city to visit because it seemed alot less touristy to me.  It seemed like more of a liveable city but yet still had so many gorgeous things to see.

This is Santa Maria Novella Piazza, This is where our hotel was located. It's very close to the train station and very centrally located. In the evenings, when the temperature got cooler, there would be musicians outside playing and singing. It was so nice.

I love this shot of Florence. I took this on our first day there- I love how you can see the river and the beautiful bridge. The water was so calm and nice this day. The beautiful color of he building is just so stunning.

No trip to Florence would be complete without seeing the David statue. We bought tickets online about a month in advance. It doesn't save any money, but it saves tons of time waiting in line.
We have heard of the David statue our entire lives but honestly didnt know that it was a statue of David after conquering Goliath. It all makes perfect sense now as you see his slingshot in hand. It was such a great statue. Unfortunately, it was just about the only thing in that particular museum that was worth spending that much time on. It was still worth it though.

We took a private car to Siena while we were in Florence. Siena is very small and we had researched a little about it prior to our trip. While researching, we didn't feel like it was somewhere we wanted to spent the night. The private car was an excellent option for us. It took about an hour to get there and we got to see beautiful countrysides and wineries of Tuscany on the way.
Although we saw a ton or gorgeous churches while in Italy, I think this one was my favorite. This church in Siena had very unique dark green marble that looked almost black. It was very gothic looking and just very different from most of the other ones we had seen.

We got to go inside and tour and it was definitely very impressive. Also, it was originally intended to be much larger but construction was ceased when the plague hit. You can still see where a large section of it was started but never completed.

 For some reason, we were all about climbing watch towers on this trip. Piazza del Compo was probably one of the best one we climbed. This piazza was very different-- shell shaped and sloping. it had lots of gorgeous (and expensive) restaurants around the Piazza. All of the buildings in Siena were this nice terra cota color so when we climbed the tower and looked out over the city it was like a sea of this color as far as you could see. Siena is very hilly- it seemed like everywhere we went was on top of a hill.

Once we returned from Siena, we had our drive drop us off at Piazza Michaelangelo. The David statue here is only a replica and not that impressive but the view is wonderful. You can see all of Florence from here and you can also see the old city walls which have been mostly torn down at this point.

Florence is definitely a must see while in Italy.


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