Thursday, October 6, 2016

Italy-- Naples and Pompeii

After we finished up in Rome, we took a train to Naples. This was our first time on one of the fast trains. These trains go up to 200 miles per hour, so we get to our destination very quickly. The trains were also very nice- it was really just like being on a plane. We were served drinks and snacks and given magazines to read. I can't remember exactly how long it took, but I think it was a little over an hour.  Once we got to Naples, we immediately got on a subway to go to Pompeii. (They are very close together)

David got yelled at by a lady on the subway.  Naturally, she only spoke Italian, so we had no clue what she was saying. We found two American guys on the subway and they had their bags sitting in two seats. The moved the bags and offered one of the seats to me and one to the and older lady who was standing. She made some weird motion and didn't take the seat. After she refused the seat, the guys offered it to David and he took it. After he took the seat the lady was furious. She started yelling at the guys about why he gave David the seat but wouldn't give her the seat. This carried on for a while. David and I just made eye rolls at one another for a while and played dumb. Thats always fun to do when you don't know what is going on.

We finally made it to Pompeii with our bags in tow. There was a locker station once we arrived where we got to put our bags so we didn't have to carry them around with us the entire day. At 40lbs a bag, this was a huge relief- we were already tired from carrying on the train and subway.

Pompeii was MUCH larger than I imagined. It's an entire city that was covered by ash after Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79AD. Later, the city was uncovered and they are still uncovering parts of it today. It was SO cool to see this uncovered city. It had street after street of houses, churches, ancient eateries, amphitheaters and so much more.

This photo was of an original cast of human remains. This was so cool. Mt. Vesuvius erupted so quickly and the people could not get out quick enough. Alot of these human remains were found when they uncovered the city. Most of them have the humans in a humble position, shielding themselves from the ash.

*There was an art exhibit going on during our visit. These patina statues are not a part of the uncovered city*

After wandering around Pompeii for most of the day, we took the subway back to Naples.
My dad was stationed in Naples for years while in the Army, so I was interested to see Naples. Honestly, there was not a whole lot to see. It was raining when we got there, so we didn't feel like walking around too much, plus we had done our research and knew there was not a whole lot to do.  And that was just fine because we needed some time to rest anyways.

This is the view from our hotel room. This was such a cool hotel right on the water. I sat on our balcony and read for about an hour on this cool afternoon in Naples.  It was os beautiful.

Although there wasn't much to do in Naples, we had , hands down, the BEST meal we had the entire trip while in Naples. We had a Caprese salad with a hunk of fresh mozarella the size of a baseball. We had some of the most delicious wine Ive ever had. And we had THIS PIZZA. OMG. I cant even.

After dinner, we walked along the water and headed back to our hotel.  This view was just breathtaking. Although we really only spent one day in Naples, it was beautiful.

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