Thursday, January 20, 2011


I am a firm believer that if you do not make your resolutions known so that others can hold you accountable, you are much less likely to accomplish those resolutions. So, after much thought and contemplation, here are my new years resolutions:

Like Gretchen Rubin says in her Blog "The Happiness Project", choose a one word theme for the year. This year my word will be "FIREWORK." As cheesy as it may sound, I really like Katy Perry's new song, "Firework". Everyone takes different meanings for songs, but what I take away from that song is that everyone is their own firework. We all have a spark within our selves to make us bigger and better people. It makes us excited to get up in the morning, to accomplish our dreams and to be the person we want to be. This spark in us often times goes unlit and never bursts into the firework that we truly are. So, this year my word is "FIREWORK." I want to let my "colors burst" and become that firework that I need to be in my life.

Another important thing I learned from Gretchen Rubin's Blog is that everyone needs a short phrase to express their resolution also. Lytton Strachey said it best, "Perhaps the best test of a mans intelligence is his capacity for making a summary."
       So, my summary for this year is "Make it Count." It seems like every year, every day and every minute gets shorter with each passing one. Its so important that we make each and every one of these count. This year I want to MAKE IT COUNT.

Now, on to the list of Resolutions. :)

1. Run another half marathon. (and in the process, get into better shape.) Work out 3 times per week.
2. Read at least one book per month.
3. Sell 150% of the real estate that I sold last year.
4. Act the way I want to feel.
5. Do it Now! (Stop saying.."One day I'll....." or "When I get older, I'll..")
6. Spend Out. (Another Stolen from GR) (I always find myself being super cheap or depriving myself of tiny things that could make a large impact on my life/overall happiness)
7. Chill out. (95% of the things we worry about never come to fruition)
8. Write my life story.
9. Go to London.
10. Eat more all natural foods/Use more all natural products.

So, here's to you and your new years resolutions! Best of luck to ya! Its going to be a great 2011!

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