Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Makeover Phase One

Here is a little bit of a summary of the "Home Makeover" we have done on our house. We still have several things we want to do, but its a work in progress! When we bought the home it was a HUD foreclosure and needed quite a bit of work before we could sell it again. We have done a TON of work and are still working on alot, but here is a small updated :)

Outside of the house BEFORE:

We removed shutters, redid all of the landscaping, got a new front door, painted the wooden dormers and cleaned the yucky mold off of the roof.  Here is an after shot:
Now on to the living room. It has very high ceilings, which posed quite an issue in painting. Here is a before shot:

We refinished the hardwood floors ( soon to be redone-lightened next week), replaced the ceiling fan and repainted.
Here is the living room AFTER: 

Kitchen Before:

We repainted, got new granite countertops, got new stainless steel appliances, replaced kitchen hardware, replaced all lights and door knobs. Here is the after shot:( we are still considering painting the cabinets white, what do you think??)

Dining Room Before:
Here is the after: (We painted and replaced the light)

The last Highlight I am going to show is the bedroom: BEFORE:

We repainted and replaced the light. AFTER:
These are just the highlights of a few rooms that turned out to make the biggest difference. We have more work to do and are excited to finish it and move on to the next house! :)


  1. love your cute house! your first picture of the front of your house makes me miss spring/summer!!

  2. I know!!! I was just thinking/ dreaming about summer/spring this morning. I cant wait until Spring!

  3. That’s splendid! There was only a little left to do back then, and I’m sure the makeover is complete now. I like the new roof better, because it’s lighter, and it matches the bricks well. I hope the renovations went smoothly for you. Have a nice day!

    Terence Warner @ Brunwin Roofing