Monday, February 21, 2011

Days Off Pays Off!

I love days off because you get around to things that you probably wouldn't do on a regular day. This morning I finally finished the shelf I have been wanting to paint. I had this really neat black shelf that came from who knows where.... I literally found it in a drawer... I guess it was my moms or Aunt Debbie's or something and was passed down to me ( like most things in our house). Either way, its mine now! :) And since Im on this crazy "lets paint everything white" kick, I decided to......PAINT IT WHITE!! Yay.

Yes, I accidentally forgot to take a good before shot, so the one you see above is in the garage after I had already put a brush stroke or two of whit on it. It took several coats to cover all the dark and get into all the crevices, but I think its worth it! I hung it in the living room above one of the side tables.

Now, let's see what else I can drum up around the house to paint. Days Off Pays Off.

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