Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heart Ball

My husband and I had the honor of attending the 2011 American Heart Association's Heart Ball. The owner of our firm, Mr. John Mitchell, was the honoree this year, so we had a table full of us enjoying the delicious meal and amazing band, "Burning Las Vegas."

If only someone had a camera on us when the dancing began, this post would have been much more interesting. We had a blast and danced the night away to oldies. We really had a blast!

As you will notice on the right of my blog there is now a place you can donate to support Team Libby in the Country Music Half Marathon. Any amount is appreciated! Just click the button on the side and it will take you to the PayPal account where you can securely donate to this cause.

Training is still underway, although my trip this week(and giving blood-FYI Dont try to run after you give blood) has set me back a bit. BUT, I plan to kick it up a notch this week and hopefully get up to 9 miles! Yay... we are getting there! Have a fabulous Sunday!