Saturday, February 5, 2011

Small Town Saturday Night

Okay, so I don't really live in a small town, but as I sit here in my living room excited about the simplicity of the contents of this post, I can't help but hum "Small Town Saturday Night" in my head. I have had a very simply, Southern Saturday. I am waiting for my very first homemade cheesecake to finish as we speak. And..Today I got some curtains. I know... this is long overdue, but I had this picture in my mind of what I wanted and just couldn't seem to find them until BAM! I was in Target and saw these "Simply Shabby Chic" Bubble Curtains and thought.... hm....that's it. They are simple, semi-sheer eyelet bubble curtains. At the top you can see a very discreet swag detail. I hung them about ten inches above the trim to give the windows a bigger, taller look.

What do you think? I think it makes the room finally look complete.

Someone asked about this, so I thought I would post a close up of the old door hanging in the living room. Its an antique old door I got at an antique mall for $20!! As you can tell, I'm not really into actual pictures, but instead I like random things like doors, antique roof tins, empty frames, shutters, etc. Weird, I know.

It has the original lock on it also. I mean, who would sell this for $20?!

So, this was my small town Saturday night. :) Curtains and Cheesecake. There goes the buzzer for the cheesecake.......

Caramel Walnut Homemade Cheesecake
"No, David, It's not from Julia's!"

Im pretty proud of this......BUT we haven't tasted it yet. I'm sensing a Kathryn on Christmas Vacation With the Turkey Moment of Disappointment coming on.... 

Since its, Oh....two in the morning...and I figure Delilah is probably doing this on the radio right now, I want to model after her and do a couple of shout outs.
First, check out my friend Blake's Band, The Ocean Dry. They have a new song out on their page called "Deliverer" and it's awesome!!
Second, check out my friend Karen's cool blog where she sells custom made jewelry. She made me some custom jewelry for my wedding and she's awesome! Check out her Etsy Shop, too!

Okay, if the scent of this cheesecake will ever stop lingering in my home..maybe I can get some sleep...Im gonna try anyways. Goodnight, everyone and have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


  1. Anna, The floor looked great! It does feel lighter and warmer in the room. The curtains made a big difference I thought. I enjoyed seeing all the work you did in the house , yesterday. 2 a.m. cheese cake was delicious!
    Love listening to Delilah, especially when driving in the car at night.

  2. Whoa, it looks like you have a bit of background on interior and home designing. You made the living room look perfect. And that old door looks makes for a very elegant doorway. Hehe! I hope all is well with your home. Cheers!