Friday, February 25, 2011

Sweet Rewards

Last night I completed my nine mile run in training for the Country Music Half Marathon and it was a doozey!

Lucky for me, my athletic club has DVD players on all of the treadmills so my buddies Alan and Carlos from The Hangover were there to keep me company. I'm not gonna lie, I almost fell off the treadmill when Alan says "Not at the table, Carlos." Oh whoever let their baby play that role in that movie surely didn't know what they were getting him in to. :)

I prepared myself mentally and physically all day long. I woke up, had a protein shake and some boiled eggs. I ordered in a great plate of whole wheat pasta from Marinas to give me energy . And I spent most of the afternoon reading articles about tips for long runs. You'd think this was my first rodeo. For some unknown reason, I always get nervous on long run days. 

As I jumped on the tread to start my journey all of my preparation went away. I was nervous, I was tired and I wanted to stop... within just a few short minutes. I pulled out my iPhone and pulled up the video Angie made for Team Libby. The vision of Libby, Justin and Ava ran through my head and somehow gave me strength to finish the entire nine mile run. Now, don't get me wrong...I was tired, I was breathing heavy and I stopped multiple times for water breaks, etc. BUT... I did it! And that was the goal I set out to accomplish.  Next week is 10 miles, but for this weekend, I am going to enjoy myself, go out with my husband and eat cake! That's right...CAKE. I was so proud of myself as I pondered this rough journey that after lunch today I decided to walk next door to the precious cafe next to my work: Goodness Gracious Cafe and get this bad boy!!! (see above)And it was oh so good!!! Reward yourself when you accomplish goals in your life. It makes the ending sweeter :)


  1. Congrats on finishing!!! Sounds like your training is going well.good job.

  2. Have a good weekend and enjoy your cake ;)

  3. I MISS MARINA'S!!! mmmm So good. And better you than me on the long runs. I have decided the triathalon format is way better for my ADD self haha