Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Windows Without Curtains Are Naked For Certain

Okay, Okay, I know the name of this post is a tad cheesy, but I thought of it on my run today and had to use it! :) My project for tonight was a curtain for our bathroom. We have one of those big windows that has the obscured glass and it looked a little bare.  I have been wanting to redo the bathroom for a while, but have decided to do a "mini makeover" for now. Although we still may do the re-do, tearing out the existing tile and redoing everything can get a liiiiiittle pricey! And we plan on selling this house next year. Sad : ( I love it here... but thats the name of the "flipping houses game". So... I used my "no sew" tape again and even got more of that cool brown toile fabric. When I went to Hobby Lobby today the fabric was on sale and I got all that I needed for the low, low price of  $3.49! Yes, thats right. I also had to buy a curtain rod for $5.99, which brings this project to a whopping $10 with tax. Here is the window before:
And here is the bathroom with the new curtain I made:

This is a cheap and easy way to change the look of a room!

Today when I got off of work it was beautiful outside! I was scheduled to do a 5 mile run and just had to do it outside instead of on the treadmill. I have lived in this neighborhood for two years now and sometimes get sick of the same ole' route, but I thought I would give it another shot. Today I took a different turn then I usually do and went to the neighborhood across the street. A few turns here and there and suddenly Im lost. Well, not really...BUT... I was in a place in the neighborhood that in two years, I have never seen it in the way I did today. I didnt recognize the houses around. I think the real reason is because I approached it from a different direction, giving it a different view altogether. As odd as it may sound, at this unfamiliar moment I started to feel a very secure feeling of uncertainty. I felt like I was in this new, undiscovered I was on vacation or something. There was no one around and simultaneously this soft and somber Keith Daughtry song started to play. I typically feel like I need to listen to fast rock-ish music when I am running to keep me pumped up, but this soft and relaxing song began to play as I approached this new and unfamiliar territory. For some crazy reason it gave me this giddy sense of excitement and calamity. I even made the loop a couple more times to experience as much as I could without wearing it out. I can't explain it, but it felt good. I felt good and finally believed in myself that I CAN do this. I CAN run. I CAN finish this race and have fun while doing it. To wind up the run, I turned the corner to make the stretch back to our house when I heard a noise over the sound of my IPod. I took off my headphones on alert because I thought something must be wrong. I looked to the left to see the source of this noise. It was coming from an adorable little boy as he SCREAMED in excitement because he threw the perfect pitch to his dad. Then he dropped his glove and quickly ran into his dads arms! Their excitement was so precious :) It reminded me what truly lucky and blessed lived that we live. I finished the run with a smile. I had a great run today!

We have alot of people on board right now for "Team Libby." As you will see the ticker to the right of my page, we have also had several people donate to support Libby Ryder and her precious family in this battle they have won with cancer. If you feel the need to support our team and donate to this cause, please click on the ticker and you can securely donate through paypal. If you would rather pay with check or cash, email me at and I will be happy to collect it. We need your support whether it be monetarily or through prayer. Support us. Support Libby.

And remember...don't let those windows goes naked!


  1. LOVVE that curtain! Sounds like I should invest in some of that no sew stuff!

    Glad you had a good run! It always makes it easier to have a good one every now and then!

  2. You are just so creative!! Darling curtains..