Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls

Running gives me energy and energy makes me rearrange/decorate. I have issues.. I know... Anyways... The office in our home has so much potential, but it seems to be one of those rooms that we just throw all the extra hodge podge furniture in. The office always gets the shaft with miscellaneous furniture and is forced to house the outdoor plants in the winter. I got to where I even avoided going in there because it was kinda weird....lol. So, I decided to take this hodge podge furniture and put it together in a way that works.

Introducing the new and improved office- up and running for work to be done in it! The art you see above the couch is two old roof tins I got at an antique mall for about 10 bucks each! The two little claw foot side tables came from an old storage unit I was cleaning out for my old boss and he gave them to me! And best of all you will see the "hope chest". Yes, ladies and gents, this is an actual hope chest that I filled with home goods as I got older in hopes that I could make my little nest one day. Dorky, I know.

Now, I'm ready to get my study on.

Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls... its now time for a vote!! I need your input. Okay, Im not giving away an Ipad or anything cool like that, but I do want some opinions. David and I are thinking of painting our kitchen cabinets white. This is a big decision because once you go white, you cant go back. Here is a picture of our kitchen now:
I'd like for it to look something like this:
As much as I love the subway tiles, they wont really look right in our space, so I would like to go with a light tan tile backsplash that will compliment the tile. So, any suggestions?!?!?!


  1. I think the white cabinets will look good with the color of your kitchen..but I have always loved white cabinets in a kitchen!

  2. The office looks very cute....but it doesn't appear to be functional at all. And isn't that what an office is for? I bet David has my back on this one.

  3. I think the white cabinets would look great!

  4. I'm going to assume the 2nd comment up there is SPENCER'S?!?!? Tell him to shut it. It looks great. And the white cabinets would look great too. I wish I had our energy when it comes to remodeling. ;)

  5. ***your energy. (Is what I meant)

  6. Thanks guys! I think we will go with the white! Yay.. im so excited!

    Yeah, Ashley, that's Spencer... you didn't know he was an interior decorator? NOT!

  7. Haha. I miss his smart comments ;) Haven't seen him in a while. But as soon as I saw that comment, I knew it was his comment. Good luck with the cabinets. I heard it's alot of work but the outcome will be well worth it!!!

  8. I think the white is a good idea! Can't wait to see it!

    ps. Check out my blog post today...tagged you in a 20 questions post! :)