Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh, Tempur Pedic, How I Love Thee

My mom would kill me if she knew I changed the words from "Precious Jesus, How I Love Thee" to "Tempur Pedic, How I Love Thee" so lets just hope she doesn't look at my blog this week. :)

As I have grown up, I have lived with this "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra. Learning the details of "Gid-enomics" (My cheap and stingy grandfather's name is Gid. He will barter with people at grocery stores...literally...) has taught me how to reuse and repurpose things in life to save money. As you can tell from my blog, I have refinished, repurposed or modified allllll kinds of things in our home. My family loves to trade around furniture, too! If Mom gets sick of a chair, loveseat, picture, linens, bedding , table, etc., she simply calls me and Emily and says, "Hey, I've got this table, do you want it?" And we make a little trade. Me, Mom, Debbie, David, Grandaddy and Emily have traded around furniture since before I can remember! (Although most people don't want to do much trading with me, so I just get the hand me downs.) This tactic of trading can make for a fun and interesting house! :)

Naturally, when our mattress started to hurt our backs, I thought..."Oh, we will just flip it!!" This surely didn't help as David and I found ourselves sinking to the middle as our mattress made a nice "V" shape. Now, I love my husband...but sinking into a hole of a mattress with him every night as we dig our way out....not my idea of love. :) SO...We thought we could make a little trade for the upstairs bed. Before this transaction took place, David brought up some good points which are as follows: 1. We sleep the majority of our lives.  2. I'm a stingy, cheap wife who recycles, reuses, re purposes and rarely ever spends money on things. (Gid-enomics)  I took a little bit of convincing, but I budged and we bought a new Tempur Pedic Cloud Supreme. Yay! Thanks to sweet ole' Henry at European Seating in Franklin, our bed came in early and we are loving it!!
 It's hard to get used to because its so different from the traditional mattress and box springs, but I have woken up two days in a row now with no head, neck or back pain, so I will make any adjustments necessary!

I will post a picture of the boxy looking bed when I get home tonight!

Update on the rest of life:

I ran ten miles last week! It went great! I only stopped on time at the 5.5 mile mark. However, I did run at "my pace" which is more like an 11 minute mile, so I was definitely not setting any record on time. This weekend I am hoping to run 11.... we will see. Marathon is coming soon!!

Team Libby is almost halfway to our goal! Give, give, give!!

David told me Sunday that our house looks like an old woman house....... I cried a little bit. Not really. Then I considered how the house looked when he lived there as a bachelor and I laughed it off and realized his only taste is in his mouth!

My alma mater's basketball team, Cannon County Lionette's, made it to the semi-finals in the state tournament last week. Im so proud of them! McMinn county, who won the tournament only had one loss the entire season, which was to Cannon County. Need I say more? Great job Lionettes!

My birthday is tommorrow!! (Crossing my fingers someone gets me the fedora!!) Speaking of which, I am late meeting David for lunch... have a great Tuesday! :)

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