Sunday, April 10, 2011

Make the Bed You Love

I have the tendency to care more about something looking good rather than feeling good. I have all the pillows that go in specific places on the bed and when David makes the bed (or plops down on it after work) I immediately notice something is out of place. I recently read a blog about making the bed you love to get in. Although I love the covers pulled tight/into place and the pillows in position, at the end of the day none of it matters. Its about comfort. Make the bed you want to get into at night. I took off all of the pillows and pulled down the covers. By throwing this bed together with less effort than normal, it makes it look more inviting and exciting to get into it.

Sometimes its more about the small touches that make a space more comfortable. I love having fresh flowers. There is just something about it that makes everything feel fresh and exciting.

I can look at these each morning as I get ready and it seems to put a smile on my face.

I also love planting flowers! I have not gotten around to planting any major flowers or anything (not that im a major flower planter or anything) but I did get a flat of Vinca today to give the feeling of spring to the front porch.

Spring is here!! :)
Just three short weeks until the Half Marathon. We got our "Team Libby" shirts in the mail this week! They are a little bit bright--- in fact, I may have a career in directing school zone traffic in this shirt.....but, it gets the job done. This run is going to be fun and exciting. I can hardly wait. I am going to run 13 miles this week to prepare for the run. There have been so many times in the training when I wanted to quit or stop running, but the thought of Libby has pushed me to go farther. I'm so excited to run in her honor. Thanks, Libby, for inspiring all of us. 

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