Friday, April 15, 2011

Coo-Coo for Coupons

After a night of watching "Extreme Couponing", I had two equal and opposite reactions. One: These people are crazy! $1,000 worth of groceries for $5.67?!?!?! Stockpiles in every room of your house with a backup supply of food that could feed your family for over 4 years?!?! Get a life. Two: I have got to get on this band wagon. I know, I'm a freak.But I will never be able to stock pile like that... First of all, we move to much and that complicates things. Secondly, I am too much of a clean/clutter freak. Although I am not into a major stockpile, I can still get a good size pantry of items that we eat on a regular basis and save money while doing it. Thanks to Jenny at Southern Savers, I have started to learn a LITTLE BIT about couponing and am excited to share my deals. I am no expert, but I am saving a few bucks here and there.

I got a gallon of milk, 3 boxes of Special K, 4 pack of YoPlait Yo-Plus, 3 cans of crescent rolls, 4 frozen dinners, one pack of ciabatta rolls, one gallon Bryers Ice Cream, 3 pk of paper towels, Duncan Hines Brownies, Kraft Singles, Kraft Shredded Cheese and Uncle Bens Rice. Retail around $47, I paid $16! Yay. Not super great, but a good start!!

Also, I had some great coupons for Kohl's and got a nice entry rug, rug pad and also a bathrooms trashcan. Retail: $50, I paid $3! I was really proud of that one.
I worked an auction today and got another cool find. It was pouring down rain, which means there were not many bidders at the auction. I looked over all of the items before the auction started to see if I wanted anything. (Its sometimes hard to bid once the auction is started because I am clerking all of the activity on my computer, so I like to have all my ducks in a row in advance.) I didnt really see anything there that I wanted, but during the auction they put a cool old milk jug on the table for sale. It was very shabby chic looking with rough paint and an interesting emblem on it, so I was instantly attracted to it. I quickly bid $2.50 on it thinking it would never go for this cheap. I dont know whether no one wanted it or the crowd saw the overactive excitement in my face when I bid on it. (im right up front clerking, so everyone could see me and my bidding) Either way, when I heard "Sold", I was even more excited! I thought it would make a really cool umbrella holder to put by the front door.
Note the practically free rug in place. Also note I don't plan to leave the unmatching pink umbrella there. I'm hoping to trade it for a nice neutral one. Also note the crazy large "walking stick" my husband found on a hike and thinks is the coolest thing eeeeevvvvaaa!! Yeah.

All in all, I think its a neat find and a cool collection piece. David and I have an agreement that if either of us buys a furniture item, we have to remove one before we can put it in this house. This is our effort to keep our lives/home a little more simplified. You know, in case we decided to pack up and move to LA one day on a whim. :)

I ran my first 13 miles on Wednesday. It was pretty tough. After talking with a couple of my friends I am convinced that the gps app on my iPhone is not entirely accurate. I really believe it was more like 14 miles...but I thought I would run until the app said 13..I am slow and was pretty worn out after, but I am hoping to do it again next week to be a little more prepared. Two weeks until the big race! Go Team Libby!

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