Monday, April 18, 2011

One Day I Will Run Out Of White Paint...

There is still some white paint left over from the china cabinet and no one wants to see perfectly good paint go to waste! After a good run tonight I had every intention on relaxing, reading the new book I bought today and watching some Tv. But then.... I got this wild hair and thought this table I had would be great painted white. This wild hair could possibly be because of the new constraint my husband has put on my decorating obsession. He says if we "bring something in, we must take something out." Grrrrrreeeeeaaaattt.... now what am I going to do?! I guess I could re purpose some pieces we already have! Bingo. My Mom gave me this table before David and I married. It sat at the bottom of the stairs for a while, but then as things changed in the living room it got lost in the shuffle and somehow didn't fit in anymore. I moved it upstairs where I keep all the random hodge podge furniture and kind of forgot about it. Until now! Before:

Doesn't fit in, right?? With some quick sanding and two quick coats of paint, here we are....

Muuuuuuch Better :)

Its currently sitting on some pieces of magazine paper because it was only about 99% dry when I brought it into the house.

The best part of this little project will be when David comes home from school, walks in the front door and makes a crazy confused face...:)

The tile man is coming tomorrow and I can hardly wait! We are living all "white trashed out" in our kitchen right now since we removed the granite piece in preparation for the tile man coming.

I love the big gouges of drywall that came off with the granite.....classy.. Hopefully by this weekend it will all be a thing of the past, a mere picture in the archives of my blog. Updated pictures to come soon!


  1. table looks great! your an awesome painter of white paints! :)

  2. Hopefully you won't run out any time soon. Paint is such a great, inexpensive way to completely transform an object... as your photo shows so well.