Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crunchy Bugs

Sometimes we can make small changes to a room or to our home that makes such a large impact. I have been on the prowl for cool new lamps for the living room to spice it up a bit. Although I loved the old lamps we had, there were a few things I wanted to change. First, they didn't match. I could have lived with this issue because I'm not a real matchy, matchy type person. Second, they were both very dark and didn't put off a lot of light. This can be a big issue. I am always trying to keep the space light and bright! I wanted a cool new set of lamps that were almost retro that would bring in a cool new sleek element into the room. I spotted these lamps at a local store for just $29.99 each and thought... how could you go wrong?! And I am sooooo glad I did. These sleek and retro look of these lamps adds a fun and funky vibe to the room, also making it even more eclectic. I am loving them!

I even splurged for a neat mirror I spotted too! It's a cool turquoise color. It's very funky, but I thought I could use a little bit of funk in my white washed house. 

Funky, Monkey.
There is much for to come in this "little change, big difference" series. Wait until you hear about my $20 mulch job...oh yeah... It's gonna blow your mind. 

On a new note... is it just me or are the cicadas really freaking you out, too? I can remember in the summer of 1995 when cicadas were terrible. The house I grew up in was wood/log cabin-ish with trees everywhere. Cicadas were truly attracted to that house. Not only were they disgusting when they first came out, but they were even more disgusting when they shed their exterior and the "shells" just stuck to wherever they were when said shedding took place. These leftover shells just so happened to be uber-disgusting. I liked to call them "crunchy bugs." My older sister, knowing I hated and was even scared of said "crunchy bugs", always got her kicks off finding one and throwing it on me/sitting it on my shoulder/putting in my hair/throwing at my face/aiming for my mouth....all gross activities. It made me so furious. I was walking through a parking lot today and saw tons of these cicadas, which reminded me of what is soon to come......"crunchy bugs."...even worse. It's going to be a long summer.


  1. I HATE the cicadas too!!!! I already freak about any bug being anywhere near me! These things just swarm all over the place hitting you everywhere and it always makes me FREAK. I can honestly say, I am NOT looking foward to the 4-6 weeks we will be seeing these ugly things. Ugh! I also told Jordan he probably wouldn't be seeing me outside the house much! Haha. I'm such a wimp!

  2. Where did you get that lamp?? If you don't mind sharing your source I'd love to know. Ever since I gave up a similar one for a client project I've been searching for a replacement ... to no avail.