Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yucatan.....?? Yeah, Yucatan.

What a great weekend! :) The Ladies Luncheon at the Readyville Mill was great! We started this tradition three years ago when David and I were dating and he went away on deployment to Iraq. David's sweet aunts, Betty and Debbie asked me to lunch to stay in touch while David was gone. It has blossomed into a beautiful tradition that I am so thankful for. We have expanded quite a bit by now.  I am so blessed to have such a great group and beautiful, caring, Godly women in my life!

I was so excited that my mom and sister came!

The Mill is a beautiful place for an event or just a day out. It's a beautiful old mill. They make all their own grits, whole wheat flour, etc. 

David and I hosted a Mother's day/ David's birthday lunch at our house Sunday and had the whole family over for a cookout. The weather was beautiful, so we took a walk to the park (which is connected to our neighborhood). We walked down to the river and took a little wade. It was so much fun! :)

It was a great weekend! :) I'm so thankful for my family and especially my sweet mother and stepmother on this Mother's day.

The name of this post comes from an experience David and I had Saturday. We went to this great new Brazilian Steakhouse in Hillsboro village. If you have never been to an authentic Brazilian Steakhouse, let me suggest Bombasha.  They have authentic gaucho's serving a huge variety of meats from the grill, straight to your table. Their little outfits are cute, too! Anyways... they bring out some sides for your to eat with your meat and they brought out these starchy potatoe- like things. We couldn't understand what they were calling them, but David said they were called Yucatans. So, naturally, thinking that was a ridiculous name for them, I said "Yucatans?!?!" And he says..."Yeah, Yucatans." After some Googling, we found out its fried manioc, also known as Yuca. :)


  1. Cute pictures from your weekend Anna! I've been wanting to go have breakfast at the Old Mill but just haven't made it out there yet. I've heard from so many people how good it is.

  2. love this tradition! When I saw your post on Friday I thought, "humm thats an awesome idea!" I may steal that! :)

  3. I love Yuca!! I went to Bolivia one summer and yuca was served with every meal, soo good!