Friday, May 6, 2011

What day is Cinco De Mayo? May 7th?

I have been eying a replica of this mirror at Ray Hines & Co. on our square here in Murfreesboro. It's a beautiful handmade mirror in any color that you like. It also opens up and you can store all of your jewelry inside of it. It has beautiful fabric backing inside also.... truly gorgeous.

I was over at Young House Love blog and saw this in Sherry's bedroom. It looks just like it. I don't think theirs opens up with the jewelry box, though. David is even saying how he really wants a full length mirror in our room so he can check himself out in the mornings...oh so vain, that boy. (Jk.!!) 

Because the one I want is a little pricy, I am trying to find something very similar or possibly even "make" one similar.... Keeping my eyes open! :)
Today has been a beautiful day of discovery. I woke up to an email from my sweet friend Cassandra suggesting a new blog that she said reminded her of my house. A very sweet compliment, but I'm afraid my house may not encompass this level of gorgeous...however, I can try! :) Thanks Cassandra, for turning me on to Maillardville Manor ! This is a cute representation of her design blog:
I also discovered another adorable designer blog at Home and Harmony.  Oh how I long for this dreamy, romantic look. :)

Both beautiful and so inspiring. I just wanna go home and DECORATE... Poor David...

I also want to give a little shout out to...myself.....and Cassandra. Angie at Thirty Hearts put a great intro to us and Team Libby on her blog. She may think I am a tad cooler than I actually am, but we will let her think that!
Hang loose, Ang! :)

I'm so exciting for this weekend. Tonight David and I will be going to a party at a friend of mine's house who will have the Barefoot Renegade's there to play. Hopefully I can talk David into going downtown to Jazz Fest after the party. Tomorrow is the Mother's Day Brunch- Rowland Girl's Style. :) We will all be going to the picturesque "Readyville Mill" to follow... too cute not to post. Tomorrow night David and I should be running in the Cinco De Mayo race in downtown Nashville as part of the "I Run for the Party Series". Very Fun. If you have never run one of these- DO IT.  David is finally finished with this semester of Grad School, so let the fun begin again. I am very excited for this fun weekend! :)

***The title of this post came from a sweet friend of mine- who will remain nameless. One night we were talking about planning a fun party for Cinco De Mayo and she actually spoke the words..."what day is Cinco De Mayo? May 7th?" Love it.

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  1. Or been eying that mirror at YHL too! I also have been wanting a hanging jewelry box... But I didn't know that there were mirrors that look like that AND hold jewelry! Ohholymoses! I'm in love! I probably should not go check that one out that's on the square... It's probably way more than I'm willing to spend!