Monday, May 23, 2011

Jackalopes, Champers and Wedding Bells.

As our one year anniversary was quickly approaching, it has really made me stop and think about the last year of my life- our lives together. It has definitely flown by. I thought it would be fun to do a post about not just the past year, but a few years back. Get ready, this could be exciting.

So, a few years ago we decided to go on a road trip. David had just returned from a deployment. I was still in college. So, we asked some of our friends to join us on the best road trip of all time- spanning almost every state in the west over a 16 day span. We did it in style with a fancy  awesome crazy mini- van we rented that we liked to call "Quincy." We put 7,000 miles on that hog, got two speeding tickets and even had a small crash in it- but more importantly, we had a blast. 

I love this picture because I think it will be fun to show to our kids one day and them be like "Whoa, you guys were crazy." Yes, I am the only girl on the trip-I know, I know- but, I couldn't get any of my girlfriends to go and I was not about to miss this trip. We each got to bring one small duffel bag. We slept in the car and multiple trashy hotels. We stopped at random sites.. We saw exciting, busy cities like San Fran and Las Vegas and some not so busy cities like Butte, Montana and Sioux Falls.  We snowboarded, snowmobiled, tried new foods and many new things. David even got to ride his first Jackalope.

We even made it all the way to Seattle to visit our old high school friend.

Although I could write a huge long post about this fun trip- I won't. :) I will move on down this road we call memory lane. 

About a year later we decided to go to Canada. Why not, eh?
Michael Jackson died the day we flew out of Nashville. I remember standing in line to correct a ticket mix up and some woman behind me saying "Michael Jackson died." (David was really sick and was laying asleep on the nasty floor of the airport, so I was stressed and just trying to get us to Canada alive.) I turned to the woman and said. "Whatever." Lol. Sure enough, when we landed in Canada we saw on the TV that he really had died. The streets of Toronto were full or mourners. People were driving down the streets blaring Michael Jackson music. There were impersonaters everywhere. Then we saw this group of teenage girls sitting in a circle wearing Michael Jackson shirts, candles in hand, crying hysterically on the streets. As insensitive as it sounds, I had to take a picture.

We had so much fun traveling, doing crazy stuff and just enjoying life together. So, then on a snowy day in Chicago, David proposed. I was so excited! We deiced to get married in 5 short months somewhere crazy- to be determined. Until then, lets have some fun and take some engagement pics.
We love downtown Murfreesboro. I love the history of it and all the old buildings. This was the perfect location for some great engagement shots taken by my dear friend Hope. ( see her website here. )

We had to do the Bella and Edward in the field of flowers. Duh.

Then one day it hit us. Lets get married in Australia. Why not, Mate?! Just the two of us. (And our favorite Aussie friend Kim. Oh how we love Kim and her sweet Australian accent.)

Kim even brought us some "champers."

It was a beautiful, perfect day.  And now we mark the one year anniversary of that day. It has been an exciting year with alot of memories. There have been alot of "Did that just happen?" moments; "Is this real life?!" moments; "are you freaking kidding me?" moments and "You did what?!" moments- but more importantly, there have been alot of "I love you" moments.  Here's to many more moments, David.


  1. Sweet, Sweet post Anna! Happy Anniversary to you and David both!!!

  2. Annabeth, Thanks for sharing your moments. I am so happy for you and David. Keep on living happily ever after. Happy Anniversary!
    Love you,

  3. aww these engagement pictures are so good!