Sunday, June 5, 2011

I spy

Remember those fun games you used to play on the way home from summer vacation in Florida (as you rode in the back seat with no seat belt while pulling your sister's hair and listening to the Beach Boys on your walkman) like Mad-Libs and Where's Waldo? One of my favorite games was the game where they had two pictures that looked exactly the same, but somehow there were 13 things different about each picture. I can remember staring at both pictures for 30 minutes convinced I was an idiot because there was nothing different in the pictures. Right as I really start to focus and think I am on to some of the differences in the pictures, Emily is playing with the Hermit Crab she just "had to have" at Alvin's Island and it begins crawling onto my side of the bench seat. And I completely lose my train of thought!

This is sort of like that. Check out this picture I posted in January when I repainted the bedroom a lighter shade.

Now, check out this picture I took tonight. (It's slightly less clean because I didn't just repaint. Everyone knows when you repaint and you put the furniture back in place you dust, vaccum and position everything just perfect. And it's never like that again.)

I know the lighting is freakishly different. (I forgot to put the flash on obviously. Kinda looks romantic, though, right?!)
And I know the bedding is arranged a tad bit differently, but that's not what I am talking about...

dur dur dur dur dur dur......dmdmmdmd


The lamps!!

That's right folks. The lamps in the bottom- most recent photo are different. How are the different, you might ask?! Well, the shades, of course. But... the shades look the same, just a slightly different is puzzling.. how'd I do that?

If you have been reading this blog for at least a month then you should know by now...


I know it sounds crazy and it is. I hesitated to post this until I decided if I actually liked them or not. The old lamps were a dark brown fabric with a dark brown beaded bottom. They looks okay, but were too dark for the space and kind of needed some updating. I bought some new lampshades at Target. They were a circular white shade and looked so modern/eclectic and fit perfectly in my mind. They were even on sale! Then, when I got home to put them on the lamps.....flop. They looked terrible. Out of fury, I ripped of the current lampshades, cut all the brown beads off the bottom of the shades and whipped out my trusted white paint. I started painting away and three coats later...Viola.

I think I like them....You can leave dirty comments if you don't like them or think they are weird. I am open to that. It is a weird concept, although it really worked out. They don't "look" painted and the raised pattern ended up being a beige color instead of white, but it looks like it was done on purpose. 

They may not stay forever, was a free DIY and I am started to dig em'.

Just goes to show you....You can paint ANYTHING white! :)


  1. I like em! You are so creative! I can't get over how much you are always doing! I have soo much I need to re-do and I just can't get motivated!

  2. I wish i could think of things to do like this... VERY creative..

  3. As I was reading this, I couldn't help but think about going to Florida with Emily, you, your dad, Connie, and Jake. We totally listened to The Beach Boys in that Astro Van they used to have. My hermit crabs lived for a LONG time! I will never forget that was so much fun.

    The lamps look great, too, by the way!