Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peter Piper

Oh the little joys in life.

We love planting a garden and have definetely had our feel of good and bad harvests. Last year we had a very full garden with only about 70% of it being successful. This year we decided to scale back with the items we really loved and try to have a little more control over it. We planted 3 types of tomatoes, two tyes of onions, cucumbers and banana peppers. (We even had some of last year's unsucessful watermelons come back and haunt us voluntarily.)

My favorite part of the garden this year is that we didn't have to put up the uber-white-trash fence around the garden which is in our 'already fenced in back yard'. We had a few Peter Conttontales that were eating all of our crops. After a little bit of terrorizing from David, we were able to scare the bunny tribe away for good. So, this year, we just have the regular ole' garden- no trashy chicken wire included.

We picked these bad boys last night to eat with dinner. They are banana peppers- one of David's favorites. He picked them out himself and planted them. Then, last night when we started to eat them he spits them out and says, "these are no good." I say, "What?! These are great!" He responded that they didn't taste anything like the pickled banana peppers you buy in the store in the little glass jars..... probably because these are garden fresh and not "pickled banana peppers drenched in vinegar." I think he thought they would come out tasting just like the ones we buy.

Either way... I really loved going out the back door and picking up these pepper to eat with dinner.  :)

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  1. This is too funny! We planted a few things as well this year, but im glad I decided not to do the banana peppers because I probably would have said the same thing David said at first bite. Its crazy how we think things taste is really not how they taste if they were fresh.