Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pied Piper

This morning I was having trouble thinking of what the title of this post should be. When I logged on and saw my previous post title of "Peter Piper", I knew I should name this post Pied Piper. Why? You will see.

This has been a great weekend! It was a very busy week with work and I was in need of a fun weekend in a big way.  David signed us up to do the 2011 "Doughboy Challenge." It's a 5k run in beautiful, historic downtown Murfreesboro. We had a great time at the run and then wasted away the morning at the downtown Farmer's Market afterwards eating fresh blackberries and peaches grown by local Murfreesboro folks. It was so much fun!

Then we headed to Nashville. This weekend was the annual CMA Fest/Fan Fair. As much and I love country music and Nashville, this festival was the last place I wanted to be this year. I have attended and worked the festival several years in the past. My favorite year was probably when I was working for 103WKDF and we tried to have fun with the festival by having a friendly game of Redneck Bingo. All of the WKDF festival workers had a Bingo playcard and when you saw one of the items in one of the squares, you took a picture. The person with the most pictures won an awesome prize. I was determined to win! I teamed up with a seasoned festival worker thinking that if two of us went in together, surely we could win. The items you were looking for included things like "Father and Son with Matching Mullets," "Couple in Matching Blue Jean Jackets", "Guy with T-shirt on that had an Eagle and American Flag on it", Lady Wearing Halter Top with Jelly Roll Hanging Out," etc. Needless to say... this was a fun game.. Me and my friend found/staged all of the items on the Bingo Scorecard. We even made a slideshow of the items we found. We dominated the challenge and got the big prize! So.... I told you all of that to explain my love/hate relationship with CMA festival and why I was a little relieved NOT to go this year. :)

BUT.....What we did do in Nashville (aside from fighting the traffic of CMA Fest) was even better. We went to the Dragon Park just outside of Hillsboro Village. This Dragon was sculpted by Pedro Silva and features hundred of designs on the dragon's mosaic sides. It's a really cool and free place to visit, have a picnic, etc. (Check our more info on it HERE.) (Excuse the quality of the I-Phone Pics.)

Then we headed over to the Parthenon. David had never been inside so we thought this would be the perfect day to check it out. It just so happens that yesterday they were giving away free tickets to military and their families, so we got in free! (I think this special continues for a few weeks for all you military folks.) I had been there several times as a kid, but never took the time to read all the materials about why it was built, etc. Needless to say, I got more out of it as an adult.

Then we headed to Five Points in East Nashville to enjoy some Oreo Speedwagon Ice Cream at the Pied Piper. If you haven't been to the Pied Piper...GO. It is such a fun experience and so delicious. This parlor is located in an old house in East Nashville. It's very unique and fun. Right across the street from I Dream of Weenie.
See their website HERE.

We finished off the night with Kayne Prime- One of the best restaurants in Nashville! This place has only been open about a month. It's an M Street Development in the Gulch that features the highest quality meats and fish with unique and delicious sides. We had the salmon, fillet mignon, spinach and lobster mac and cheese. The beef in the fillet was Wagyu beef- supposedly these animals are raised in the best conditions. They even drink beer, get massages and sleep in these sling type things for their enjoyment... Could have just been a selling point by our server Upshaw, but either way, it was some of the best steak we have ever had. 

We had a great weekend and I am not so much looking forward to it being over....especially since I am supposed to have all my wisdom teeth cut out on Friday.. Yuk.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday! :)

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