Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Rawness of Life.

I really try to be fun, quirky and interesting in all of my blogs posts. I think it is what makes me enjoy blogging so much- sharing the fun and quirky moments of my life with people. It's fun to talk about them, joke about them and enjoy a good laugh. It's also so much fun to share exciting news or a triumph or goal reached. 

Yesterday I was reading the blog of a friend and it really hit home. She is so right in everything she says in this post. Blogs really can be unrealistic about life. I have posted a little bit of what she says in her blog here:(Check out her blog HERE)

blogs can be a disillusion as to what is actually going on in one's life.  My friend Rachel and I were discussing the difficulties in motherhood, life etc and how sometimes blogs can almost be discouraging.  It is so easy to paint a pretty packaged picture of what the really good part of your life looks like.  And it's really easy to just tell that side all the time.

Perfect marriage.
Perfect baby.
Sleeping all the time baby.
Perfect life.
Perfect communication.
Perfect crafts, with perfect house to match.
Perfect body, most beautiful pictures of yourself.
Perfect friendships.
I kinda really want to kick all of that in the face.  It's far too easy to got lost in the midst of blog land in a sea of idols. 

So on this wednesday, i'm throwing up my glass and giving a big CHEERS to 

Marriages that are mending, healing and prospering.
cute baby with tantrums.
Babies who stay up till all hours in the night.
A life filled with Joy, but filled with life hard things.
communication in the works.
Crafts that are created once in a blue moon, with a house that has one pretty wall... that is pictured a lot.
body in the works,  makeupless and showerless days with the content of inner beauty.
friendships that just need just as mending and working as marriages.
Cheers to that Angie! :) This really made my day. Sometimes I look at blogs of others and draw inspiration, but some days it just makes me mad. I'm not going to lie. I see these perfect homes and perfect bodies of all my peers who are rich and so happy and beautiful and love to travel all the time and never hate their jobs, fight with their husbands or gain weight from eating a bunch of ice cream. They never struggle for money. They never have insecurities. They never look bad. They never get mad.
I know the point of my blog is to provide excitement, inspiration and fun, but I just wanted to take a post to let myself and everyone else know I'M NOT PERFECT. My house can be messy. My job is not always perfect. David and I do bicker from time to time. My jelly rolls do jiggle. My hair is gross and unwashed sometimes. A lot of people have nicer homes, better cars, more money, better clothes and are better looking. BUT... I don't care. I love this unscripted unperfect life of mine. I'm trying my best to be me- as unperfect as that is. Enjoy the rawness of life everyday!

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  1. Cheers to that! :)

    this is REAL life after all!