Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm a Slacker, Please Don't "Un-Follow" Me.

Well, the past week or two has been a little bit chaotic and busy, but nevertheless I am back to blogging and asking for your mercy to not "un-follow" me. I've had a few cool discoveries this week worth sharing.

First of all, there is an awesome new store here in the Boro' that everyone needs to try out! My brother's girlfriend works there and told me to come check  it out and I am so glad that I did. The new store is called Altar'd State and it's located at The Avenue. (Check out their website here.) Altar'd State is a women's clothing store with fun and funky clothes, jewelry, candles and accessories. This store is really awesome. It's a Christian store with a purpose- they sell brands that are linked to charities like Toms. On Mondays they donate 10% of proceeds to missions. It's a really fun store too- they have great music playing, yummy candles burning and the associates are all very nice and helpful!

Personally, I am thinking of going back and getting these Toms :

Murfreesboro also has a few other really cool places coming in!  The Greenery on the Square will be opening soon! It is a cool urban marketplace that will have fresh flowers, organic foods and fun sandwiches and lunch items. It is coming right along and is looking great! Very excited for this one to open up!

Also, the square will be getting Boro Town Cakes. It's a cool bakery/cafe that will be opening on the Church Street side of the square near Bluesboro. I am excited for them to open as well- they are right around the corner from my work!

Another Boro Square addition will be PJ's pizza. They will be opening in the old "Chef's Place" space on Maple Street next to Anastasia's. 

Lots of excitement coming to the square! I love it!

Now, let's get down to some business. I really hate to infiltrate my blog with such ridiculous material as such, but has anyone been watching The Bachelorette?!! I mean, come on. Last night had me throwing the remote at the TV.

She was WARNED about Bentley- apparently from crazy Michelle from last season. Bentley, who does have a bit a charm, whooed her into falling for him all the while he was just messing with her... he never liked her and "wished Emily would have been the Bachelorette instead." Don't worry, this gets worse...after weeks of confessing to viewers how he's not attracted to her, she annoys him, etc, he finally tells her he has to leave to be with his daughter. She is left with the "dot, dot, dot" of the continuation of what could have been with them. She's stuck in fantasy land while he is laughing his ruthless little heart out because he has played this big funny joke on her on national TV. Then, next week.... HE COMES BACK! Ashley, come on. I have never been so annoyed by a Bachelor or Bachelorette season in my life. Gag.

Enough of that. Anyways... I promise not to do this anymore. I won't put TV gossip on my blog anymore. I just had to let this steam out.


  1. Hahahaha! I just have to laugh at all you Bachelorette/Bachelor watchers. I think everyone in my family is hooked but ME. I think I watched the 1st or 2nd episode YEARS ago and couldn't handle it much more after that. I just don't know how ya'll do it! If it were me, I probably would have been LITERALLY throwing the remote at the tv. And since that might make Jordan a little angry, I vote to stay away. Hehehe.

    LOVE all the info on all the new coming to the BORO! Can't wait!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I might also be helping with the Greenery! I am super excited about both new stores! I got my pair of TOMS today!! There is a sale going on till July 9th- SPEND $30 get $10 OFF!!!