Friday, July 1, 2011

The Plate Wall

Okay, so I know that if you follow any decorating blogs then you have probably already seen the patented "plate wall", but this is my version of it. My sister did it a few months ago and it ended up being super cute, so in an effort to be a copy-cat, I thought I would give it a try.

I have been wanting to paint the kitchen for quite some time now but was having trouble convincing David to jump on the painting boat. Once we had the cabinets and backsplash re-done, the paint was really starting to look icky. See below.

The icky green was just kind of getting on my nerves. It was so dark and dreary. (Or maybe my new obsession with white has fully taken over.) 

After a few months of whiny babble, David finally threw in the towel with the ole, " it...just leave me alone about it.." bit. I knew I could convince him. On Monday I painted it this color:
Ostrich Feather...yum..... I'm loving it. (and with a nice price tag under $40, you can't beat it!) But then the wall looked a little "naked" -if you will. This is when I decided the plate wall would be fun. I got seven plates at TJ Maxx on clearance for about $3 each and got some hooks at Hobby Lobby for about $2 each and VIOLA:

Now- let's have a little re-enactment of David's (the skeptic) response. He walks in and notices that when he left for work the kitchen looked like the first picture, but then came home and it's been painted, rearranged and we have a bunch of dishes hanging on the wall.....His first response was the normal "what just happened?!?!" Then there was the "what are we going to eat off of now?!?!" then there was the..."I really love it.. it looks great." Bingo...that was the response I was looking for.

*sidenote:(I think it would kind of be fun to be married to me because:'s always a surprise how the furniture will be arranged when you get home, b. its always a surprise what color the walls will be, & c. it's usually clean.) That is, unless you don't like surprises or ugly faces when you track in mud/don't put things back/dirty up anything....ok- scratch that..maybe it wouldn't be that fun to be married to me.

Now...I'm running out of projects...


  1. GRReat job on the paint choice and the plate wall!! I love it!! :)

  2. Anna...your side note is so interesting, because I can remember hearing Jerry and your Grandfather Royce talk about how they couldn't walk into the house in the dark because your Grandmother Dora moved furniture around all the time. Thought you would like to know the similarity between you two. BTW love the plates.

  3. Anna I really think you should consider painting that table white. pls do, and if you do ever run out of projects feel free to help me with my home projects :)