Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is This Real Life?!

If any of you don't know where the title of this post came are in for a real treat today!

"David After Dentist" was a YouTube sensation a year or two ago and has been a common reference in our household. Watch this video below before I explain.

Funniest Video Ever. I mean, I still laugh every time I see it. David and I have coined the phrase "Is This Real Life?!" and we tend to use on a weekly daily basis when something crazy semi-crazy somewhat crazy funny weird happens in our lives that is unexpected.

Last night after sneaking a peak at our friendly bunny friend in the back yard, David comes in the back door with this crazy look on his face saying "Is this real life?!" In his hand he held the biggest cucumber I have ever seen. I literally was in the garden the day before picking all of these bad boys and this one was not even in existence. Our garden has entered the twilight zone- there is no measurement of time. This thing popped out of nowhere.

It's literally as big and my upper arm ( which is not saying much- I'm kinda scrawny) and is like 17 inches long. 

I think I'm going to make one huge pickle out of it for all the world to munch on when we start the Barfield World's Fair- Featuring "The Biggest Pickle Ever". Okay, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but hey, it's big.


  1. That video is Hilarious!!!! :)

  2. "Is this real life?" Haha, yes it is, David! Some of my nephews and nieces had the same experience as David, and it was really hilarious! I wonder how I would look like had I experienced the same thing - I may look weirder than they did! Heh!

  3. Kids should always feel good in and out of the dentist’s office. Parents should instill in their kids the fact that dentists are our teeth’s best friend.

    @Hugo: No, he's just imagining things. LOL

  4. I think this video should be shown to all of the kids out there who are about to visit their dentist for the first time. I mean, David is such a role model, that is the right way how to react after dental procedures – become more curious of the things rather than getting scared of them.

  5. Oh men, that was funny! But that just means the medication was effective haha! I hope this boy’s teeth have grown beautifully by now. ;) And yes, I certainly agree David can be a good role model to other kids who still get scared when going to the dentist. With this video, kids can see that nothing bad will happen to them in the dentist’s chair. :)