Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let's see how far $50 can take you.

I'm a cheap-o. Anyone that knows me knows that. Sometimes it can be taken to the extreme- I'll admit that. But, the accomplishment I feel after capturing a really good deal is worth more than just the money I have saved!

I was wanting to give the dining room a little revival. Sometimes a photograph can do wonders for your decorating eye. After seeing the article and album on the DNJ.com a few weeks ago, I started to think my dining room was looking a little "blah." It was sorta colorless, boring, etc. I posted a picture of some awesome chevron striped curtains I really wanted, but unfortunately they were about $120 for the pair and about $70 to make myself. Neither one of these figures were enticing  to me. I really wanted my little "mini- makeover" to come in under $50. I did some thinking, couponing, shopping and made it happen.

I went to Hancock Fabrics to find they had some curtains I liked al ot. They were long and pretty and looked dressy for the dining area. Perfect, right?! Not. $40 a panel and $30 for a rod would bring me in with a grand total of $110 and all I got was curtains. Not cutting it. The sweet little worker at Hancock told me to "wait a day or two" and come back and see what happens. Weirded out and confused, I left the store. Two days later I came back to see my longed-after curtain panels were 30% off! Yay. That was still a little high....So, believe it or not, I negotiated with the sales person and talked her into giving me a discount for being an MTSU student( which I'm not, but I still have my student Id and my mentality on the subject is that I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on tuition in college so I am going to milk this student discount until I'm too old to convince people that the picture on the Id is current.) So...with the 30% discount, a coupon I found online and my student discount all together.......I got the two panels and the rod for $45. That's right folks...more than 50% off. I'm telling you- you can barter and negotiate with ANYONE!

Then I headed on over to Hobby Lobby to scoop up a couple stems of that Forsythia for a centerpiece and Viola.


A little FUNNER. I know funner is not a word, but I love to say it....

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