Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Crazy Quilt Lady

Okay, Folks, I suck. I know... go ahead... leave nasty comments. Don't come to my blog anymore.. I get it. I was doing so good for a while- Posting every day, doing fun projects. I know that each of you woke up every morning just munchin' at the bit to see what I was gonna post! Okay, so maybe that's a little extreme, but seriously, I know I have definately slacked off on my projects and DIYs. So, in an effort to buy your affection back, here is a fun "house" post.

As you can probably tell, my style has changed multiple times over the years. This year has been a huge transition into the "bright and light" style, which I love! However, I have recently started to incorporate some more color with quilts, pillows and accents. It's kind of fun!

When I was younger my stepmother, Connie, had this really cool quilt! It was wild looking-covered in quilt patches of all colors and patterns. It was a beautiful quilt with lots of random colors and patches that somehow came together to be beautiful! Connie liked to call it "the crazy quilt". Lately, my color incorporation has reminded me of "the crazy quilt". I have thrown in alot of random colors and patterns in hopes that it will somehow come together and be beautiful.

(See there is even a ragety, old crazy looking quilt adorning the bed)

The coffee table in the living room was looking a little janky. (Is that really a word? Did I just type that? I need some sleep) I thought I would spice it up by laying the cool old green window on it and displaying magazines on top of that. It's weird... but I'm weird.. so I kinda like it.

Next is a true "crazy quilt" incorporated into the living room. Don't be confused.. it's not "THE crazy quilt"- just a similar one. I'm pretty sure I don't even like this quilt here... it's pretty weird and clashy...But, in an effort to bear all of my decorating do's and don'ts, here goes nothing..

Yep, it's weird... oh well, lesson learned. Do we like it better like this?
Does the top picture remind you a the show Rosanne?? Yeah, that's kinda what I was thinking... okay, whatever... I'll go change it back.

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