Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Del- Gondola!

There is nothing better than a good family trip. The more years I get under my belt, the more I cherish these special moments in time with loved ones. This year my Dad's side of the family decided not to do gifts. Instead, we would all bundle up and take a trip together. We did this a couple of years ago for my college graduation and it was so much fun, we thought we would try it again. This year the city of our choosing was Dahlonega, Georgia. Dahlonega is a quaint little mountain town about 4 hours from home. (It's near Elijay, Georgia- another cute city you should check out!)

We headed to Dahlonega on Friday and that's about the time the shenanigans began! The town square was still covered with gorgeous Christmas lights and decor. The square was sprinkled with antique shops, cafes and eateries. It was very picturesque.
This is Bourbon Street Grille- a delicious N'awlins style eatery on the square.

The next morning we were able to make our way to the square for some shopping at some of the antique stores and specialty shops.
Can you say "BEST IDEA EVER?"

We stumbled upon a cute little theatre there as well. It had all of the old-school interiors as well. It was very cute and charming!
I even gathered some cute ideas from some of the shops we went into. This would be super cute to be made into a light hanging over the breakfast nook table.

We even visited a beautiful winery up in the mountains. We were soon to find out that the "free wine tasting" we were excepting was a steep $12 a person... We decided to be rednecks and just buy our wine at the store ;) The little wine taster guy looked a little perturbed when we said this, but who cares, right? Either way, we still got to go through the winery and see this beautiful sight..
After a hike to a gorgeous falls, we ventured to this covered bridge. It was so gorgeous!

We even squeezed in a little surprise for Dad's birthday! Today is his birthday! Happy Birthday, Dad! You will never know how much you mean to me :)
There is nothing quite like a few days with the ones you love. It was truly an enjoyable trip for all. Happy New Year, folks! I'll be sharing a few of my resolutions soon. Enjoy this gorgeous Middle Tennessee Day!

(The name of this post is a little inside joke we shared all weekend. None of us could seem to figure out how to pronounce the name of Dahlonega. Da-Gondola seemed to be the post popular mispronunciaton :) )

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  1. Anna,
    Your dad and I had a fantastic time. I think we should to it again for Christmas of 2012. The hard part will be finding a small town to rival Del-Gondola.