Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How are you? I'm good.

Wow. Is it really January 4th, 2012? It seems like I should be starting highschool or dragging myself to some 8am ORCO class. Where, oh where, does the time go? With every new year comes new resolutions and promises to ourselves. Some of us will resolve to lose weight, get more exercise, eat better, stop smoking, get a new job or keep our finger nails painted all the time. (I only know one person who made this resolution ;) ) Statistics show that the average new years resolution is broken by today, January 4. That statistic is funny and shocking... really people, you can't keep a resolution for more than 4 days? No matter what your resolution is, whether it is great or small, what is keeping you from doing it?

Today you and some of your co-workers decide to go out for lunch. You run into a friend you knew in college and exchange the standard "how are yous" and get the standard, "I'm good, how are you." In your mind you are was uneventful. Later, as you are leaving the restaurant, you run into another friend who excitingly comes over to you to say hello. She is smiling from ear to ear, clearly excited to see this old pal. When asked the standard, "How are you", you get an un-standard answer of "Man, I am really great. Things are going great for me- everything is falling into place for me. I got a great job in a city I love, a cool apartment.....etc etc etc." You leave the conversation thinking, "what does she have that I don't have? I wish I could answer like that." 

I am a firm believer in the theory of "Bloom where you're planted." You may not always get the best of situations in your life, but you have to make them the best and you CAN make them the best- any situation. So, maybe you don't have that stellar job that makes you so excited and fulfilled everyday. Maybe you are struggling financially. Maybe you are struggling with relationships- whether it is a friend, spouce or child. Whatever it may be... Bloom where you are planted. You wonder how you can get to the point of fulfillment and excitement that your friend at the restaurant has. What is filling in that gap between who you are and who you want to be? What changes do you need to make to give you that zest and excitement that you sometimes see in others? Those people definately make an impression on people. What would it take to get you to that place where you made an impression on others like that?

This year be firm with your resolutions, but more importantly, make resolutions that matter. Losing ten pounds, getting a new car or a new job may give you some temporary excitement in your life, but getting that zest and fulfillment in your life will give you a lasting excitement that will propel you to higher planes in your life. If ten people seriously considered this- we would get ten different responses on what it is that needs to change. The answer is not the same for any two people. Whatever your answer is... make it happen. Make this year YOUR YEAR. Make this year the best year yet.

(I love this Sister Hazel song and it kind of goes along with this post. That's right... I said Sister Hazel. They were great back in the day. Get excited :) (Click here for video)


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sister Hazel! They'll always be great in my eyes... no matter what day it is! :)

  2. I love reading your teach me alot about life, sweet Anna.