Monday, December 12, 2011


There are posts upon posts that I could write about my dear friend Erin. Erin and I go way back to the days of biting and fighting at daycare as infants. We have shared many memories since then. She is that person to me that is more like a sister than a friend ;)

And now sweet Erin is getting married to the infamous Sloaney Balogna. :)

Tara and I threw her a shower to celebrate with some old friends from our hometown of Woodbury. We had a great turnout, a beautiful day and some delicious food!
Life gets busy sometimes and it's always great to visit with friends you don't see enough!
Here is our sweet little bride to be :)
What good event would be complete without some Christmas Tree shots?!

I am so happy for you, Erin! I wish you many memories or happiness and excitement with sweet Sloaney. Thank you for the decades of memories and love you have shown me and I look forward to many more.

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