Friday, December 9, 2011

iPad Reviews

As most of you know I have been participating in the Best Buy WOLF Omega for the Nashville area. Wolf Omega is a women’s leadership forum where we evaluate the marketing and promotions of Best Buy’s products and services. This was truly an amazing experience for me as I was able to meet some wonderful women from all walks of life while evaluating the promotional tactics of such a powerhouse company. Upon the conclusion of my time with Wolf Omega I applied to further my experience by testing some products from Best Buy and reviewing them on my blog. I love blogging and trying new products, so this was a “no brainer” for me.
The first product that I got to try was the Rocketfish- Advanced Series Keyboard Capsule for Apple: iPad 2 (further referred to as “iCapsule”). I was excited immediately upon receipt of this product because I wanted to buy something similar but was not sure which brand or type I wanted. I knew that I wanted a product that would keep my iPad in an upright position and also had an attached keyboard that would be useful when writing blog posts, etc. The iCapsule has both of these qualities. The iPad locks securely into the iCapsule but can also be removed very easily and quickly. The iCapsule makes the iPad seems more like a laptop because of its keyboard feature, which is really handy when you have long emails, blog posts or papers to write. The keyboard is very functional and easy to use, but also small and easy to stow away. The flip panel that the iPad secures into is very easy to use and actually closes up in the event that you wanted to leave the iPad inside the iCapsule for safety purposes.
Another thing I liked about the iCapsule is that it felt very strong and secure. It did not seem flimsy or easy to break, which is very important when using it in conjunction with such an expensive product like an iPad. The iCapsule was very easy to sync with the iPad using Bluetooth technology. It literally took me five minutes to get it charged and “up and running”.

I REALLY enjoyed this product and would highly suggest purchasing it. It makes the iPad more functional when using it for an extended amount of time.  You can find more info about the product at the Best Buy website or by clicking HERE.
Another product I reviewed for BestBuy was the Rocketfish Pad Pivot Stand (further referred to as “PadPivot”) This product is compatible with most tablets and digital readers, not just the iPad. The Pad Pivot is a portable stand that holds the iPad so you can rotate it and change its orientation very easily. It straps on to your leg and you can sit the iPad on top of the Pad Pivot in order for easy rotation and movement of the iPad. It was very easy to use and the directions were very clear and easy to understand, however, the product itself did not seem very useful to me. I could see how it would be neat to have when sitting on the couch playing with the iPad for hours on end (and I can’t say this hasn’t happened to me before) but it didn’t seem like a product that I would buy. The most effective use for it would be for gaming or movie purposes- basically, if you need to use the iPad for extended amounts of time this would be useful because it would make it “hands free”. One thing I did like about it was that it was compatible with other devices. So if you have an iPad and your daughter has a Kindle, you could both get good use out of this product. It may prove to be more useful for some of the e-readers as well.
Although this product didn’t prove to be useful to me personally, it was still a good product. It was well made and easy to function. If this was something you were looking for, I would definitely suggest this brand.  You can read more about it at the Best Buy Website or by clicking HERE.
So, there we have it folks. In case you were thinking about buying any products similar to these, I would suggest you consider the Rocketfish brand at Best Buy. These accessories really do make the iPad more useful and easy to use on a day to day basis.

Now for some legal mumbo jumbo. “I have received the reviewed product from Best Buy for free”.

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