Thursday, January 19, 2012

Of course we are rich!

We live in a world where a greater emphasis is put on material and earthly things rather than the importance of family, friends, relationships, enjoying life to it's fullest and savoring each moment. I can remember as a child when I would look at magazines and see all of the beautiful clothes and jewelry that the girls on the pages wore. As I browsed through the pages I can remember telling myself that one day I would have things like that... I would save up my money and go to those stores and be as beautiful as the girls on those pages. Every magazine, advertisement, movie and television show seemed to support this love of earthly beauty. Everywhere you turn you see encouragements to change your looks through surgeries or modifications; starve yourself to be skinny and max out your credit cards to have the best clothes. It seemed like you had to be rich to be beautiful.

I can remember asking Mom, "Are we rich?" To this question, she always seemed to have the same answer. She would always calmly reply to me saying, "Of course we are rich- rich in love."

As the years have passed by I have grown to understand that this richness in love is SO much better than material wealth. Being rich in love is so much better than having nice clothes. Being rich in love is so much better than being beautiful on the outside.

Choose love. Be rich in love. :)

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