Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Love.

Some days you're the bug and some days you're the windshield. The past few days have been a litle bit of "bug" kind of days. This morning I got two emails that reminded me of couple random things I love that brought a little bit of excitement into my day.

Sweet Olivia :)

The Civil Wars :)
How The Civil Wars are not passionately married with 88 love children blows my mind....so much chemistry between these two. And their music....yikes.....purely amazing. Endulge.


  1. Beautiful song! Never heard of them and never heard this before. Thanks for sharing!

  2. oh how I love the Civil Wars! Did you know they are coming and playing at Cumberland Caverns? In Feb I think?

    Also-- LOVE LOVE LOVIng the new blog lay out!! oh lordy I am loving yellow with gray and chevron print right now!!