Thursday, January 12, 2012

Resolution Realization

Everyone and their Mama makes a New Year's resolution that includes some sort of fitness goal. I have been going to the gym for years and every January it's packed. I have to adjust my scheduled workout times because I tend to go on "peak" times and literally every machine will be taken. It's very frustrating, but by the end of February the typical gym traffic is back to normal. Why do so many people make fitness resolutions and end up abandoning them? I think it's very easy to abandon fitness goals when you don't get the results that you aim for.

I am a Pinterest addict. I love browsing through hundreds of pins..looking at all these great ideas and inspirations. Lately, a lot of people have started to post fitness pins. They contain pictures of beautifully sculptured women with rock hard abs and there is typically an inpirational quote or fitness plan attached to the pin. While these are very inpirational, I think there is one key element that is crucial to anyone being successful with a fitness goal. Are you ready for it? Can you handle it? Okay, here goes...You will probably never look like this:

There. I said it. Just like in third grade when Mrs. Pirtle used to tell us that "there are no two snowflakes alike" that principle also claims truth with people. There are no two people alike. You may have shorter legs, shorter arms, a bigger chest or be "bigger boned". Not everyone has the option of looking like a fitness model. And the truth is... that's okay. If we can all come to the realization in our fitness goals that maybe we can't look like a model. Maybe we can't be the strongest, best looking girl at the gym, but that's not what it's all about. 

One of my favorite and simplest quotes can apply here: " It's not about what you have, but instead about what you do with what you do have!" (Confusing, I know.) The ugly truth is that if we all aim to look like the picture above, most of us will fail. Instead, let's aim to be the BEST that WE can be. Let's aim to be the strongest, healthiest, and most fit that WE can be- not the strongest that Julian Michaels can be. Find a workout plan that works for you. Figure out what you can and can not change about your body. Accept the things you can't change. Work hard to change the things that you can.  Be the best YOU.

Resolution # 3: Be the best ME. (fitness-wise)

To accomplish this I am going to work out at least 4 times a week and during these wokout times I will push myself to lift more, run harder and do more. I am going to stretch every day. I am going to drink more water and eat better. Anyone can do it- it's all about just making yourself.

MAKE THIS YOUR YEAR. Be the best YOU that you can be!!

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  1. Anything worth having takes work - including health and fitness. Enjoyed the read, Anna. Now I'm going to get up and move. Check out Michael Hyatt's blog post about how sitting is killing us. He's included a great graphic.